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Where is Paiga?

Take a flight from Port Moresby to the Eastern Highlands Province capital town, Goroka. Hire a 4WD (all roads vehicle) or get onto a PMV (public motor vehicle which will either be a 20 seater mini van, open tray utility, or Dyno truck with open tray) and bump your way along the Highlands Highway till you get to the turn off to Okapa. Keep going on a road which depending on the rains and how recently anyone's had money or energy to fix it will either be a reasonable gravel road or a series of potholes, wash-aways, and bogs, till you get to Ke Efu (ask the driver or any of the passengers cause it won't be signposted). Now head off down the trail along with anyone else who's gotten off with you and walk for several hours depending on your fitness and the state of the track up and up and up then along the ridges through forest and hamlets, spectacular views to both sides of you, till finally you descend into the valley that holds most of the Paiga hamlets. You will be around Latitude 145 and Longitude 6 and about 2000 metres above sea level.

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