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Fore: the language of Paiga

There are over 800 languages spoken in PNG making it the most linguistically complex country in the world. And hooray for that, say I!

Fore is the language of Paiga and the other villages you will read about on this site. I was thrilled to find the Fore Dictionary, written by Graham Scott from the Department of Linguistics Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1980, and what follows in these pages is taken from that book, with smarty pants comments by me that I couldn't resist.

So what is Fore?

Fore, a non-Austronesian language of Papua New Guinea, is situated in the Eastern Highlands Province. It is a member of the East-Central family of the East New Guinea Highlands Stock.

The township of Okapa is the centre of government and commerce for speakers of Fore, who now [in 1999] number over 18,000

Fore Dialects

There are three dialects of Fore recognised by Scott and fellow linguists - Northern, Central and Southern. The villages you will mostly come across on this site - Paigatasa, Amusi, Tunuku, Kabuye, Ke 'efu - speak what Scott and his fellow linguists call Central Dialect. Takai people speak Southern Dialect. (Check out the map from Scott's book). However, there is, says Scott, minimal difference between Northern and Central.