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Traditional Healthways
Paigans use a combination of traditional and conventional health practices. This page focuses on traditional practices. Information on conventional health practices and health issues is in the Paiga:Projects pages of the site.


There are 200 plus species of orchids in PNG, some of which are used has remedies for conditions and illnesses common to the area. Elias Kutty, Chairman of the Namugo Orchid Gardens, gave us this short list - names in Fore only at this stage, we are working on finding their botanical names and photos.
  • Anivindisa'ne - use to cure 'bikbel' or swollen belly
  • Teteyano - use unspecified
  • Yasoi - used 'by young men to attract young ladies' 
  • Kopu - used during male initiation
  • Amukoti  - used to cure stomach ache
  • Onu (pila) - roots used to cure 'meri sick', sickness only of women
  • Wa awasa - 'men take this to stay longer in their young state'
  • Kusa - used as a painkiller
  • Awasa - used to cure menstrual cycles in women