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Visit Paiga, and after dinner, sitting around the fire, trying to avoid the smoke, sipping sweet instant coffee, a time comes for singing. Riding in the back of a ute travelling to and from Goroka, a time comes for singing. Walking through the bush with no particular palce to go, a time comes for singing.
Paiga's songs are being made every day. Ask the makers how they are made and they will tell you the songs usually start as little phrases they hear in their heads which over the course of a day or two develop into songs. When they have them ready, they sing them to the others who then learn the songs by rote, line by line.

Men make songs, women make songs, the elderly make songs, the young make songs. They are about love, about community events, about the land and about work.

You heard one of their songs when you opened the home page for this site. Soon, you will be able to hear more of these songs from this page.