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Voluntourism in Paiga

PAIGA has begun a program of voluntourism with the community. What that means is that once or twice a year, depending on interest and capacity of the community, we will take small groups of visitors to Paiga to work on projects in which they have an interest and which are of benefit for the community.

In 2010, the group included two final year medical students who undertook research on mother and baby health and TB prevalence, a nurse with expertise in family planning, and a midwife, both of whom assisted with the mother and baby health research, and all of whom put in time doing basic medical care as well - dressing ulcers, checking head wounds, emergency care for a young child who fell into a household fire. We also had a plumber come along with us to look help us look at the quality of the drinking water and to draw up plans for plumbing work for the clinic.

We don't pay any expenses for you if you decide to come along - you get yourself to PNG and pay for your in-country transport (including carriers on the walk in - no, not carrying you, but your pack and supplies we take in!), food and other necessities for our stay in the community itself. And of course you don't get paid for the work you do there.

You can read about the experiences of those on the 2010 trip here.

If you want to have a different kind of holiday, this is definitely it. Keep checking the site for information about some working trips we are planning for 2011 or email us via the Contact details on the site.